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JIVTO Gauge: Precision Born from Responsibility

by David Zheng 17 Jun 2024 0 Comments

This is a blog about why I started JIVTO brand.

Pressure is omnipresent. It exists in surging pipelines and delicate instruments, in the furrowed brows of engineers burning the midnight oil, and in the silent expectation of safety held by every user. Yet, not all pressure gauges are capable of accurately perceiving this weight and shouldering the responsibility of safety.

Before I founded this brand, I was a machine inspector in a company. The company's machines often had problems, but the operators kept saying that there was no problem with their operations. I felt very strange. The pressure value shown on the pressure gauge was always within the normal range. Why didn't the product be pressed into shape? It was not until I replaced it with a brand new pressure gauge that I found that the original pressure gauge was not accurate! This is a very dangerous thing. If the pressure gauge measures Inaccurate, the machine is likely to explode!


So I founded JIVTO, dedicated to creating more durable and accurate pressure gauges and industrial products related to pressure gauges. Behind various measuring instruments is not a digital display, but a guarantee of safety!

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