JIVTO Pressure Gauge,Liquid Filled, 2 inch Dia,double scale,1/4 NPT Lower Mount


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Product description:

 Glycerine filled helps dampen the effect of vibration and pulsation and extends the life of pressure gauges. Daul scale makes it easy to read.

Product name  liquid filled pressure gauge 
Dial Size  2 inch 
Pressure range  opition available
Daul scale  psi/Kpa
Case  stainless steel 
Internal  brass
Connection  1/4 NPT lower mount 
accuracy +/-3-2-3%
Ambient -50F to 160 F



     The liquid pressure gauges are applicable for measuring media pressure with strong pulsation and big vibration. Widely used for measuring pressure of water, oil  and other liquid which is not corrosive to brass.